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484th Bombardment Group (H)

484th Insignia

The 484th combat color was insignia red painted on the upper half of the rudder and a red bowtie painted on the lower half of the rudder.  The insignia was originally an hourglass but had to be turned on its side to fit on the bottom of the rudder.  The original hourglass signified that time was running out for the Axis Powers.  Some cowl rings were painted in primary colors but the practice was not maintained.  There were four squadrons assigned to the 484th BG. They are the 824th, 825th, 826th and, 827th.  Squadron identification was by a two digit number painted at the nose and rear waist section.  On olive drab painted aircraft the ID number was painted in white, and red on neutral silver airplanes.  Numbers from 1 to 99 were divided into four parts:

1 to 24 were assigned to the 824th Squadron

26 to 49 were assigned to the 825th Squadron

50 to 72 were assigned to the 826th Squadron

73 to 99 were assigned to the 827th Squadron

This arrangement was generally true for many Fifteenth Air Force Bomb Groups.