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484th Bombardment Group (H)

McLaughlin Crew

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McLaughlin Crew

Courtesy of Michelle Williams

This picture was taken in Casper, Wyoming during the summer of 1944.

Kneeling L-R: Joseph A.L. Gervais (CP); Edmund J. McLaughlin (P); John E. Redden (B); John A. Vintner (N)

Standing L-R: John J. Horsley (BTG); Darwin M. Dennis (NG); Charles B. Lowell (E); Kenneth K. Wegner (RO); Matthew T. Bayshore (TG); Irwin C. Blake (TTG)

When they arrived at Langley Field, Virginia to pick up their plane to fly to Italy, Lt. Redden was taken to be involved in domestic sea search there.  When they arrived in Italy Flight Officer Vintner left the crew and became a radar navigator with another unit.  They were assigned Lt. Albert Jorgenson, Jr. who acted as Bombardier/Navigator until just before the war ended.