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484th Bombardment Group (H)

Wilson Crew

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Wilson crew

Courtesy of Bruce Wilson 

Standing L-R: Goodman, Michael P. (B); Woodrow Wilson (P); Schneider, William L. (CP); Hood, Vernon N. (N)

Kneeling L-R: Wilcox, Edward (RO); Clemmons, James O. (E); Wythe, Joseph H. (TTG); Thompson, Burton (TG); Agnost, George P. (NG); White, Kenneth (BTG)

The following is from Bruce Wilson:

Here is the crew of Lady Luck (42-52774).  The pilot, Woodrow Wilson, was killed in a motorcycle accident around the end of September 1944.  I am currently in contact with the flight engineer, James Clemmons.  He has verified this photo as being correct.  Please add this to the 484th group webpage.  The pilot was my uncle.  He never made a bomb run because they were hauling oil and gas to Patton during September 1944 and he was killed near the end of September on one of those missions.  The tail gunner Joe Wythe is still alive also.  I have his address but have not spoken with him.  He holds the distinction of being one of the only US airmen to fire on one of the red tail Tuskegee planes and get away with it.  It is an interesting story.